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At Ilyas Auto Tech, we are fellow enthusiasts passionate about cars and everything to do with them. We deeply understand the importance and dearness of your cars to you and assure you that you can entrust us to give them the best care and service as much as they deserve! Which is a lot!

Only the best car services in Dandenong will do for you. And we offer nothing less than that.

Ilyas Auto Tech is a full-service car mechanic services in Dandenong, providing reliable and expert car repairs and maintenance services to all of our community at competitive prices. Your cars need regular loving care and the best products to keep them in top condition, which will add more years of enjoyable driving experience for you. We have the leading expert Dandenong car mechanics, who can deliver nuanced, professional quality services to ensure all your car’s system is tuned and working at their optimum levels.

From the gentle humming engines to the no-squealing breaks, to smooth, engaging transmission to keeping you cool, we know the secret to have them come in unison to create a beautiful symphony. Equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and automotive technology, we are more than qualified, trained, and enthusiastic to work on all makes and vehicle models.

If you’re looking for a car mechanic in Dandenong, rely on us to build long-sustaining relationships that will only help us give you the perfectly tuned and serviced vehicle every time. Trust us with your car, and we’ll take care of it like it’s ours! Our qualifications and years of experience is your assurance of quality all over the Dandenong region.

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Get Amazing Car Service in Dandenong at Competitive Prices!

We put our heart and soul into servicing your cars to make them perform at their best. At Ilyas Auto Tech, we maintain all systems under the hood and offer specialised services for regular preventive maintenance. We have established a reputation for reliability, quick turnaround and assured quality car services in Dandenong by providing convenience, expedient auto repair services, customer service excellence, and working on the customer schedule. Our services and repairs come with a 12-month warranty.

We can help you with engine and transmission changeover or rebuild. Our experienced technicians will diagnose your engine and transmission accurately and provide the necessary repair or replacement after consulting with you on the best solution for your car.

The transmission may fail to work properly; at that time, we repair clutch, brakes, wheel bearing replacement, and wheel bearings in your vehicle to work with the tyre, hub, and wheel to make a smooth ride while driving down the road. We use the highest quality standard parts and oils for full functioning and lasting service quality, so you don’t have to visit a car mechanic in Dandenong more than you should.

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