Auto Electrician and Cheap Tyre in Dandenong

Experienced and Up-to-date Trained Auto Electrician in Dandenong


At Ilyas Auto Tech, we are highly skilled, trained auto electricians in Dandenong, with in-depth knowledge in the latest auto electrical systems to give you the perfect diagnosis of your car troubles and offer you the best possible solution to repair your car.

Electro-mechanical systems drive the latest technologies in the automotive industry. We have built credible auto repair services and are highly respected auto electrician and car mechanics in the Dandenong region. It is due to our knowledge and experience with auto electrical repairs for all local and imported models. With modern vehicles becoming more and more computerised, a faulty electrical system can affect a car’s drivability much more severely. Our team is specially trained to diagnose and determine electrical faults in cars, boats, caravans, trailers, and a lot of different vehicles. Additionally, we are adept at servicing all cooling, fuel lines and steering systems. Ilyas Auto Tech brings together an experienced and well-skilled team to offer personalised service to all our Dandenong community vehicle-owners, supported by the latest up-to-date technology.

Trust us to offer you a superior standard of servicing and to give your car the utmost care they deserve! We LOVE cars! That’s something to say about our passion and commitment to getting your vehicle to perform at its optimum levels.

Worried about the time wasted at garages and loss of mobility while your car is getting serviced? Worry not; we offer at-home mobile auto electrician services in Dandenong to service and repair your vehicle with your schedule and at a location of your convenience. Call us on 0456 783 564 to schedule a visit from an expert auto electrician consultation.

Get an expert auto electrician in Dandenong South with an assured 12-month Warranty

Ilyas Auto Tech is well equipped with the latest technology and the right tools for providing professional auto electrician services in Dandenong South. We pride

ourselves in giving value for money services to our community of vehicle owners in Dandenong. Our fully qualified and well-trained expert team of auto electricians & mechanics provide extensive mechanical repairs and electrical work on your vehicle at competitive pricing and a reasonable turnaround time.

Our range of mechanic and auto electrician services includes engine tuning, electrical starter motors, and the entire vehicle systems’ full diagnostics using the latest computer scanning equipment. From smooth-running engines to gliding transmission, to quick-response braking to complete general logbook servicing, we are experienced to work on different vehicle makes and models.

We offer the following auto electrician services in Dandenong South:

  • Car System Services and Log-Book Services
  • Mobile Mechanic services
  • Mobile Auto Electrician Services
  • Battery jump-starting and replacement services
  • Electrical wiring, lighting & Windows


First, we offer a complete check-up and diagnostics test and give you a total written estimate of the repairs and costs; then, we will work on your car with the confirmation.

Call us on 0456 783 564 to schedule a visit or drive by our garage for a quick check-up in Dandenong!